TWICE "Feel Special" M/V

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Опубликовано: 23.09.2019
TWICE "Feel Special" M/V Spotify iTunes/Apple Music TWICE THE 8TH MINI ALBUM Feel Special 2019.09.23 MON 6PM(KST) #TWICE #트와이스 #FeelSpecial TWICE Official YouTube: TWICE Official Facebook: TWICE Official Twitter: TWICE Official Instagram: TWICE Official Homepage: TWICE Official Fan's: ⓒ 2019 JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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Kang Chan 26.05.2020 07:48
Can someone teach me how to buy More & More album in KtownN4u? Actually this is my first time buy twice's album even I'm once since 2017 cuz I'm broke
TWICE사랑해 26.05.2020 07:45
Most awarded female group of all time: 1. Snsd (2nd gen) 2. Twice (3rd gen) 3. 2ne1 (2nd gen) STAN TWICE, STAN LEGENDS
bass clarinet gurl 26.05.2020 07:44
1:26 “i just wanted to hide” *me every day and relatable af*
Nasha Razali 26.05.2020 07:41
I am highkey hoping there is no song can top Feel Special.... anyhoo still excited for more&more :)
Channy Malatek 26.05.2020 07:40
Whos watching all of the twice mvs cuz more & more is coming?
SUGA tungue tecnology .A 26.05.2020 07:39
M&M 24h records: 25_30M 1iews 2.2M Like 300K comment And guys please create more accounts its helpful cuz we know Yt is a snake.
kim donghyun 26.05.2020 07:39
Most awarded female group all the time 1. SNSD gen 2 2. TWICE gen 3 3. 2NE1 gen 2
SUGA tungue tecnology .A 26.05.2020 07:35
I just wanted to say that this comeback is so special to me cuz its my first comeback I loved these amazing, beautiful and talented women so much and I'm so proud of them they're becoming bigger. I'm so happy for them and I'll keep on supporting cuz they're special and they deserve the world. Fancy TWICE ( sorry for my bad English ).
Lalalal Lalalal 26.05.2020 07:34
Khánh Minh 26.05.2020 07:30
ηᴜɢᴜ 26.05.2020 07:26
In less than 5 years, TWICE has achieved: ✨ 7.5 million physical sales ✨ 6.2 billion digital points ✨ 1 billion streams ✨ 21.6 million downloads ✨ 5.7 billion views on Youtube ✨ 1.4 billion streams on Spotify MORE & MORE SOTY ✨
Johnmoritz Masongsong 26.05.2020 07:25
Watching this before more&more comes out.❤ Btw i will miss this era
Justice Caringal 26.05.2020 07:18
We love TWICE!
arsha j 26.05.2020 07:16
Str3m guys it will reach 220m on tmmrw
Christian Opay 26.05.2020 07:09
Knetz believe that TWICE MORE&MORE reach 1B
ηᴜɢᴜ 26.05.2020 07:06
구혜리구욤,오디,급식커플 짱짱팬 26.05.2020 07:04
Panda Small 26.05.2020 06:57
I feel special for you Twice. Twice you can attract my heart to be your fan Idol Twice. Because of your voice and talented I am happy and excited to watch and listen your song. Best artist, best singer and best K-pop Girl Group. You are my idol.
Luis Ruíz 26.05.2020 06:54
Stream More and More Once ✨❤
jimin jungkok 26.05.2020 06:20
Soon 220m 
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