Audioslave - Like a Stone (Official Video)

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Опубликовано: 25.10.2009
Watch the official music video for "Like A Stone" by Audioslave Listen to Audioslave: Subscribe to the official Audioslave YouTube channel: Watch more Audioslave videos: Follow Audioslave: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: YouTube: Lyrics: On a cob web afternoon, In a room full of emptiness By a freeway I confess I was lost in the pages of a book full of death; Reading how we'll die alone. And if we're good we'll lay to rest, Anywhere we want to go. In your house I long to be; Room by room patiently, I'll wait for you there like a stone. I'll wait for you there alone. And on my deathbed I will pray to the gods and the angels, Like a pagan to anyone who will take me to heaven; To a place I recall, I was there so long ago. The sky was bruised, the wine was bled, and there you led me on. #Audioslave #LikeAStone #Remastered #OfficialMusicVideo
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Ele CineArte 26.05.2020 06:37
No puedo dejar de escuchar este tema y ver este video... y despues sigue sonando en mi mente...
Alissa Johnson 26.05.2020 06:05
It hurts watching this....
oliver ruiz gamarra 26.05.2020 04:08
Chico Blessed 26.05.2020 02:12
Epic voice 
Ele CineArte 26.05.2020 01:41
ronald mosquera mancilla 26.05.2020 00:12
I love this song...From Colombia
Violet luna 25.05.2020 23:14
Musicas que matariam o corona vírus de tristeza
Alonso Bernabè 25.05.2020 23:00
Twinni Gab 25.05.2020 22:04
ill wait for you alone...
Brent Robinson 25.05.2020 22:01
Cris Cornell was murdered by the hidden elites hit men due to the fact that cris was going to expose the child sex trafficking and abuse that going on with Hollywood and mostly democratic politicians
Esniper 25.05.2020 21:13
Comments 98% : R.I.P 1% : "Good Song" 1% : _quarantine_
maliha kayani 25.05.2020 19:44
Damon Salvatore feels
Mohd Kaif 25.05.2020 19:02
The best quarantine song
Chris Gardner 25.05.2020 18:48
To Chris from Chris miss u you're music will always get me through ...♍
John Randles 25.05.2020 17:50
Anyone else getting fucked off with them taking the guys that do the best music "out"?
Ruben Torres 25.05.2020 16:55
my son 10 years play drums
dark rigo 25.05.2020 16:42
La mejor, la conocí en febrero 2020
auxnoise 25.05.2020 16:26
Chris .....why
Angga Maulana 25.05.2020 15:52
25 mei 2020...from indonesia
Dea Widiantoro 25.05.2020 15:20
lagu yg nemenin nyasar pas mudik 2012, berdua sama almarhum bokap, tenang disana ya pak, i'll wait for you there...alone