[UNCENSORED] Phil Hellmuth FREAKS OUT Over Cracked Aces And Millennials

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Опубликовано: 24.05.2018
WSOP legend Phil Hellmuth is having a rough day at the office. After setting up what he believes to be a brilliant psychological tactic, he runs into the turned set of Liv Boeree and loses a big pot. Enraged at how unfair this is, he goes off on a rant about how this young generation doesn't understand how deep he is. He also talks about his rampage in the $300k Super High Roller Bowl. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/pokernighttv INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/pokernightin... FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pokernightina... TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/pokernighttv ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Do you want to PLAY AGAINST THE PROS on NATIONAL TV? Download the new Poker Night in America app to play and win! It's absolutely FREE TO PLAY! Get the Poker Night app on iOS and Android: http://pkrnt.com/c53
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Brandon Sutton 27.05.2020 10:50
I honestly don't know how hellmuth has made it this far.
Growchee Beeotch 25.05.2020 15:08
It was destiny. Dude behind Phil is wearing a 5. Unfoldable.
el_guero09 25.05.2020 01:34
This guy is far from being self-aware
jlateralus21 24.05.2020 12:17
Why would you check that flop?
hilzabub 23.05.2020 19:21
The Donald Trump of poker
Kevin Weatherwalks 23.05.2020 19:05
11:55 Keep your hands on your own stack asshole
#ShadyWho 23.05.2020 18:51
Poker is unfair the Phil Hellmuth story 
Darren Rice 23.05.2020 17:48
he let her get there!!!
Michael Bell 23.05.2020 00:36
Someone needs to break the news to Phil that people do stuff besides watching him
Michael Bell 23.05.2020 00:33
Douche is a textbook narcissist. Every eruption of him on the internet is about nothing but how great he is.
John 20.05.2020 05:39
So basically nobody knows what Phil knows, cos Phil knows everything that's going on and the people out there don't realise how deeply he's thinking. Did he mention that?
Michael Kuca 20.05.2020 01:40
Surprised he didn’t blame the guy with the number 5 bridgewater jersey behind him.
Matthew Harris 19.05.2020 12:58
Yeahhhhhhh go LIV :)
nobody important 19.05.2020 09:24
So he implicitly understands why he got beat.
Neongenesis29 18.05.2020 12:02
The greatest idiot in poker history.
Scott Cameron 17.05.2020 19:03
Boree one of the worst poker players in the world if she bets on river you know your beat doesn't have a bluff in her
GoLeafs03 17.05.2020 15:56
Dude needs to sit down to play wit a guy who would stand up to his bitching,... He sounds like a bully when he loses. Fucking loser
GoLeafs03 17.05.2020 15:44
How does he get mad when he lets them hit their cards for free lol
Carl Sagan 17.05.2020 03:30
4:31 Liv's did all the talking
Kazeshini 17.05.2020 01:31
Phil loses a hand : Insults everyone Phil wins a hand : Becomes insufferable Phil is one of the major reason I stop following poker. But it's like a car crash, hard to look away.
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