Lil Pump - "ESSKEETIT" (Official Music Video)

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Опубликовано: 13.04.2018
Download/Stream Harverd Dropout Album: Esskeetit Store ► Directed by Lil Pump & Ben Griffin Produced by CB Mix & Lil Pump Lil Pump's Clothing Brand ► ► Instagram: Follow Lil Pump: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Soundcloud: Booking/Business Inquiries:
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farm geitonas7 28.05.2020 07:59
0%cars. 0%girls. 0% money$. 100% real talent.sorry wrong video!!!
Кирил Бро 28.05.2020 07:11
Икс икс тетастян лутше хоть ево уже нету 
Jamal Guu 28.05.2020 06:41
Listen to this subscribe to stay updated I will be dropping Moo
Kanny boy 28.05.2020 06:25
Why can't y'all understand him? Atleast he's not future - ekxjsjsbeoaksnd
boomer lol 28.05.2020 06:06
Rokzi Rokzi 28.05.2020 05:58
이상엽 28.05.2020 05:54
지금 이거 듣는 한국인있냐?
JL 28.05.2020 04:56
Alguien que me la tradusca a español por favor ??
Nathan Hollinsworth 28.05.2020 04:35
This got 1billion views bet that's how much was in that truck
BigCuzo 28.05.2020 03:48
The reason why nobody understands him is because his neck not getting circulation from the small ass chains he wearing
Sergio Zuñiga 28.05.2020 02:28
No Mamen puro pinche inglés ala verga 
João Marcos 28.05.2020 01:22
Quem mais tá ouvindo skeeiro no lugar de esskeetit(por causa do mc gorila)
Carl Christian Svane Andersen 28.05.2020 01:09
Subtitles: Aight imma head out
Shaun Lawson 28.05.2020 01:04
lit when english dub droppin?
Candida Journeay 28.05.2020 00:28
I like ur videos
M Kramer 27.05.2020 23:12
This song would be good... with a different rapper. The beat is pretty good. Obviously I am joking.
jairo tutu 27.05.2020 21:57
mejor q se fue a la carcel
Aymane Oulahyane 27.05.2020 21:35
Looks like Michael house in gta
Hunter Griffith 27.05.2020 21:20
your the beast
leroy sammy 27.05.2020 20:43
The words he sung after dropping out of Harvard.
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