🌸 I UNLOCKED THE *TIER 150* SPRING REWARD PET! Roblox Bubblegum Simulator

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Опубликовано: 22.05.2020
TODAY WE WILL BE UNLOCKING THE TIER 150 SPRING REWARD PET! Subscribe to get adopted by me :) ------------------- IMPORTANT LINKS BELOW! ---------------------- Fan-Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5003815/KeloGang#!/store Follow on Roblox!: https://www.roblox.com/users/549126912/profile Follow me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/kelogish Instagram: kelvis_ghara Snapchat: kelogish (Please do not ask for pets or spam me.) Outro Song: Astral Projections - Hallmore Shout-Out to my Members: Ashley P., Beckaaa, Symmiemumz 4, killerwhales77, busa2007, KillerAcid01, Jayden Garcia, Ghoste_Mane3, Ben Sterling, speedz Gonzales, SebastianGaming, SCHIZELpops Gaming, coen garcee, Der Aufpasser, XxGavinXx, Amanda Ellis, Stehengamer YT, Joetan666, Faly, Game_arvid, Lyn Rachelle cruz, Laks Liker, Master HD, D3dras, It's YAHYA, king kong, GamingKing Tv, NEO Sw3at, nickythecool112, Tyt c, Faux Fam, RadDadZen, KaPiX, Paradox dedog, mike Iqbal, Vampriella YT, OfficialNathanYT, Nickolx, Tito Gonzales SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SECRET TIER MEMBERS!: Symmiemumz 4, busa2007, Ghoste_Mane3, king kong I UNLOCKED THE *TIER 150* SPRING REWARD PET! Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator UPDATE 52 Part 2 of the Event is here! New Egg in the Spring world! 12 new limited-time pets! ??? New Spring Event rewards! Collect Flowers to earn exclusive reward pets! New item in the Spring Event shop! ✨ Event shop has been restocked! New Events coming this weekend! Update 50 challenges removed #BGS #Tier150 #Roblox
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laserツ 22.05.2020 22:00
I didn't even unlocked it yet Everyone who is saying first I am first XD
Carolina Puncher 24.05.2020 13:10
@Letigarcia Garcia I do have good grammar, unlike you. Talk to once your grammar is fixed.
Letigarcia Garcia 24.05.2020 04:00
Also dont even say that you have good grammar beacuse you put a capital after ?
Carolina Puncher 24.05.2020 03:57
@Letigarcia Garcia I have a life. Thank you very much.
Letigarcia Garcia 24.05.2020 03:54
@Carolina Puncher also why are even being mean to People just make yourself feel like your better honstley get a life
Carolina Puncher 24.05.2020 03:48
@Letigarcia Garcia r/whoosh
Honey Squad 26.05.2020 05:42
Can I have a soul flower plz I will give u a shiny vectorlord plz my username is Christinaandkris
Darey Cerecer 26.05.2020 04:03
Kevin Reyes 26.05.2020 02:16
When he said it’s big I went quite
Kenzie Balberan 26.05.2020 01:43
So you need 23,320,409,776 Flowers to unlock everything Thank me later
YoungShy Ninja 26.05.2020 00:55
I got 3 of them-
Xurzy - 25.05.2020 17:32
Kelogish I made a vid just like that :D
Owen Nainggolan 25.05.2020 15:06
please accept my friendship #Ayam321lo2
(Knight) Phanathorn Chuenjumlong 25.05.2020 13:46
And was up guys
AyYıldız Kral 2 25.05.2020 06:12
Kelo you can give me pet .
Lee Visal 25.05.2020 05:39
I guess Randy
Leon Vo 25.05.2020 04:24
I GOT SPRING DRAGON AND MY FIRRRRST SECRET OBSCURE but I didn’t get on in a million title...
Lee Visal 25.05.2020 03:12
Can you give me 10,000 roebucks in the game
ROBLOX BUBBLE GUM SIM 24.05.2020 21:12
Kelogish u want me shiny paragon for 350 robux pls i need 350 robux
Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform 24.05.2020 20:13
nice video
[FCO] imashadow 24.05.2020 17:59
Give me 1 pet pls
how?! 24.05.2020 12:26
Hi I hatched the mythical best pet in the vine egg if you wanna showcase it then you can send me a friend request so we van join each other (of course you don't have to I'm just offering) Forgot to say it's 1 in 5 million :>>> And my username is puggiejim
DocPlayz 24.05.2020 12:07
Can u give me one of your Kraken cooplef
DocPlayz 24.05.2020 12:09
My user name:d0ct3r_191
DocPlayz 24.05.2020 12:08
I very needed it.it’s ok if don’t want to give me but I sub your channel at 2018
Johnder Calibara 24.05.2020 12:05
Pls add me kelo username:jonhchelle123456
PhoenixPlayz TM 24.05.2020 07:29
3:30 he's speaking the language of the gods
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