CASTLE OF GLASS (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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Опубликовано: 10.10.2012
Linkin Park "CASTLE OF GLASS" off of the album LIVING THINGS. "CASTLE OF GLASS" is featured in the EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter. Directed by Drew Stauffer and Jerry O'Flaherty. | iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: YouTube Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Web: Official Linkin Park Merch:
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Christopher Neese 26.05.2020 07:13
Happy memorial day 2020.
Jay Star 26.05.2020 05:07
Coz' Am only a Crack, in this Castle of Glass.. What a LEgend...RIP Chester !!
Max Herrera 26.05.2020 04:25
My heart cries endlessly ...... this song hits you hard. Thank you Chester. R.I.P.
Robin thapa 26.05.2020 03:36
who come here everyday 
momo fosho 26.05.2020 02:42
Whos listening on memorial day 2020?
- Kroci - 25.05.2020 23:25
Who else is listening to this on Memorial Day?
Wake Acious 25.05.2020 22:14
Haha funny 
Gabriel Beringui 33 25.05.2020 20:38
Rip chester b. 
АБАДДОН 25.05.2020 20:24
Душевная песня.
Giada Cocco 25.05.2020 19:46
questa canzone la dedico alla mia migliore amica che mi insegna cose nuove ogni giorno...... GRAZIE SARA
Zed Raze 25.05.2020 17:09
So it was a cycle
notstian 25.05.2020 16:25
Ich muss immer fast heulen wenn ich das sehe
Ramon Lopez 25.05.2020 15:59
This hits me hard. To the many I have laid many to rest; young, old, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. All gave some, some gave all. Taps
Rikesh Shrestha 25.05.2020 14:56
damnit chester!
Nagihan Ergenekon 25.05.2020 11:23
ı missed :'(
Morgenmuffel TV 25.05.2020 09:35
I must to lern this
Stsceo Duwn 25.05.2020 06:39
It hurts seeing his face
tasnimul tushar 25.05.2020 05:31
songs like it will be never made by anyone...
Achintya Jain 25.05.2020 05:28
What i think this song is about. Its about how army men are treated. "take me down to the river bend, take me down to the fighting end wash the poison from off my skin, show me how to be whole again" this refers to how their training takes everything out of them to prepare tham for the upcoming battle. it forces them to fight. "fly me up on a silver wing" on a plane that is shown in this vid "warm me up in a nova's glow" the morning glow of the sun "drop me down to the dream below" and as soon as they enter enemy territory, a 'Dream' begins. because in the next stanza he says "bring me home in a blinding dream" it means return of a soldier to the home from the battle which is so 'bright' for him/her now that its almost blinding. "through the secrets that i have seen" the secrets of bloodshed and violence and politics and deaths that he/she has seen. "wash the sorrow from off my skin, show me how to be whole again" remove all the sorrow they felt because of losing their comrades and because of resorting to violence. All this time they are considered just a "crack" in a big castle of glass which means that their loss is just considered as a statistic. their life is considered in a group for eg "50 soldiers died" like its their job to die. What LP wants to say through this song is that our wars are devastating families, with actual emotions, and if you keep considering their lives as just "cracks" and keep ignoring the consequences, one day this whole castle of glass will fall down and break. So we need to stop.
alíen 111 25.05.2020 04:59