What a hero call by Patrik Antonius! Triton London 2019

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Опубликовано: 01.08.2019
♠♥♣♦ Triton Poker Super High Roller Series LONDON 2019 HE CAN READ YOU What a hero call by Patrik Antonius during the NLH 6 Handed TURBO £25K. Watch More: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy4KWtJrf3UqnxeS1wvRND20Wu3GaAGyY Visit https://www.triton-series.com for updates of our poker events and tournaments. Follow us https://www.facebook.com/TritonPoker https://www.twitter.com/TritonPoker https://www.instagram.com/TritonPokerSeries https://www.twitch.tv/TritonPoker Please share, comment and subscribe for more #TritonPoker videos!
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Oh Yeah 09.05.2020 09:16
what an angling piece of shit 2:45 nice to see he got owned
Bruce M. 08.05.2020 06:57
Patrick beat him with his mental game there...and the camera caught it pretty good..you could see Carroll go from "la la la" to "ohhh fuuuuuck please don't call" on about the 3rd time bank card.
SlitYourJuggular 24.04.2020 21:43
Look at his goofy smile nervous as fuck. I never play online, only live for 15 years. You can tell an online players, they're not "phenoms" they're fucking shit
Alexsandro Alves 24.04.2020 18:44
coz you're not durrr i call for sure.
TraumaER 20.04.2020 03:40
They have Time chips now? Poker has really gone downhill lol. At least the legend is still kicking ass. 
Eric Neuf 15.04.2020 21:04
not a bad board to call. no real straights only 2 over cards and no flush
T M PH 15.04.2020 13:04
Just loving Patrick crushing douchebag player especially Carrel!
Mo Dern 14.04.2020 13:50
Nice call!!!
Mark Probert 14.04.2020 08:55
Oooooooo so brave what a hero. It's a game of cards ffs
Kenny Dalgic 14.04.2020 07:31
WOW that’s why his one of the best in the world
me and noone else 11.04.2020 13:24
Carrel looks like an Idiot Who thougth he can read him lol
Devere 09.04.2020 18:43
He reminds me of Thanos
Dj Jj 08.04.2020 03:29
Carrels facial expressions give it all away. He looks scared as hell on the flop. Better luck next time son
Brandon S 07.04.2020 01:33
Dumb bets. If he had anything he woulda tried to extract more chips from Antonius on the turn and not gone all in on the river.
Alex Dan 06.04.2020 17:27
Long hair guy is fk weird 
Mathemagical55 06.04.2020 10:11
One does not simply bluff Patrik Antonius.
Armond Welch 03.04.2020 08:07
trying to bluff patrick antonius is like trying to deck floyd mayweather in the face in a bar.
nichilista militante 02.04.2020 13:47
A hero call? Just a call of a man that knows very well how big is his luck and play on this.
Dixie Rect 02.04.2020 00:21
Story doesn't make sense but still a really sick call.
toto ccc 01.04.2020 21:49
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