PokerStars Duel: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Aaron Paul

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Опубликовано: 30.08.2016
Watch football legend Cristiano Ronaldo tackle the poker table as he takes on Hollywood superstar Aaron Paul for charity in an intense heads-up duel. Who will hold their nerve and emerge victorious? Find out now...
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Notorious Tv 24.05.2020 22:21
Убожество просто гавно
Shovit TheBest 23.05.2020 21:38
All the hate comments coming from those stupidass pricks who never watched Breaking bad, biiiiiitch!
Afkg3ar 22.05.2020 16:23
"I had better cards than him so... I feel very good" Lmao.
sugmapeen 20.05.2020 04:14
Ohh it’s Jesse
harpreet singh 19.05.2020 06:01
Ronaldo looks like TUCO
Saif B. 18.05.2020 16:29
Lmao Ronaldo could you wear your headphones at the table please
Olin M Imomihz 16.05.2020 13:00
I didn't know Adam silver was a poker dealer
Matt s 16.05.2020 09:21
Where can i play these two chumps?
Jay Tee Kay 16.05.2020 08:21
I was waiting for Heisenberg to shoot Jesse
Xavier Adams 15.05.2020 10:24
Poker is dramatic but should never look it otherwise it is just cringing along with all those over-dramatic effects.
DoN2DoS 14.05.2020 21:08
Aaron Paul, CR7, i understand why the rackeback and pokersatrs shop sucks. They need to pay these donks.
m m 14.05.2020 01:48
All the gold diggers up front like sharks
TrentFilms 12.05.2020 12:15
is this not the most cringest thing ever
Jurema 11.05.2020 20:28
Como assim brotou um treinador wtf nunca vi isso velho
Hronicasl 11.05.2020 13:00
6 and 4 all in ...
Saaed Yousefi 09.05.2020 00:00
Where is my Ace bitch?
chilldude22 08.05.2020 23:16
Gourab Roy 08.05.2020 21:18
Kids these days playes better than this in poker games
Due West 06.05.2020 21:43
This video is to poker what Masterchef is to cooking
Leonardo Boff 05.05.2020 07:10
Man, quarantine takes you to strange videos