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Опубликовано: 20.02.2017
You won't believe your eyes when you see this hand! Fortunately, there is video evidence and multiple witnesses that it truly happened on Live at the Bike last week. Doug plays an epic hand against Alec Torelli, who makes a completely mind-blowing play to close the action. This might be the most incredible moment in the history of tabletop games. As always on Poker Hands, Doug breaks down each street of action and shares his thoughts on how each player made their decisions. Check out Doug's training website Upswing Poker: FOLLOW DOUG: Snapchat ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitch ► #GrindNation
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Doug Polk Poker 20.02.2017 20:43
My title+thumbnail game is always gonna be ridiculously over the top and trolly. it's the way to succeed on the platform, and also it's super lol
Spencer Cale 15.04.2019 18:27
Steve B 03.04.2019 02:53
This isn't clickbait. Torelli made this video from the same hand and called it the sickest call ever or some bullshit like that. Plus Doug put him all in thinking he only had 1k left cuz torelli his the rest in his hollowed out dildo. I saw it in Vegas it spits chips out like one of those change things at your neighborhood Cumberland farms(or whatever store you have it your not from mass) it's actually good for angling with a simple button push you can add 50k to the back of your stack. Be careful calling him out cuz when he wakes up and logs in he will get mad and wake up D Negreanu and then d negs brother will break your fuckin face. You've been warned. Also no offense to him meant but torelli is the biggest self serving douche out there and i owe him 17 rupees. I bet him he couldnt swallow a gunblade replica without drawing blood and I lost but no offense
David Kim 12.02.2018 15:39
Now you go poke'n around with your Mexican spices. Nacho cheese sauce. You're a shining beacon of light in a satanic world. We're coming out of the jungle 2018.
Brandon Baskin 20.06.2017 03:12
trolling torelli on youtube is worth losing your stack
likang45 05.03.2017 12:01
True, now im not EVER gonna be excited about any of his title names in the future. how did we get here!
Robert Bell 15.05.2020 11:02
Live reads are part of the game ‍♂️
The Marc's Show 09.05.2020 23:12
is the most stupid call
Norbworthy 09.05.2020 22:26
Doug - gets owned 3 betting and triple barreling with complete air Also Doug - criticises the ownage while defending his chip tossing whiff barrel nonsense
crypto lite 07.05.2020 22:16
Alec must have been happy doug left the poker scene so he would stop bullying alec the internet
Ryan Hsu 25.04.2020 18:41
Garbage content, garbage title. Fuck you.
mastyer0fReality 24.04.2020 13:32
Gets good at 18:14 you're welcome.
AR556NATO 17.04.2020 22:19
You should have known you were toast when he called the turn. That's what separates the boys from the men.
garn1177 14.02.2020 14:56
Helmuth would still be crying and whining, has anyone ever knocked Phil out for being such a douche? Just curious....
garn1177 14.02.2020 14:20
Where did the pair of queens go?
dave english 20.12.2019 15:25
Doug contradicts himself so much in the commentary of this hand. He got owned plain and simple. Torrlli knows Doug plays way too many hands full ring.
Frank Jacobs 30.11.2019 21:52
Insane call are you a comedian or a poker player Mr poulk, I would of called you allday, your face went the colour of boiled shite big tell 
Frank Jacobs 30.11.2019 21:49
Insane call are you a comedian 
george deligiannis 14.11.2019 22:59
Alec. How much do you have behind? Hahaha lol can’t see ur chips bro
Dee Loc 25.10.2019 04:20
People post postle when they hear about the graphics being off 
RMO19RMO43 23.10.2019 06:03
Scott James 18.10.2019 07:16
gangster play by toreli. i once called pocket 2 all the way down triple barrel on an ace high flop me in bb and took it
Matthew Naoum 11.10.2019 16:44
Doug looks creepy as hell here lol
kevin overholtzer 07.10.2019 21:57
I would of liked to hear you explain the hand when you are as drunk as you were when you played the hand.
Xbox Addict 27.09.2019 06:09
love you Doug
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