T.I. - Wraith ft. Yo Gotti

39.52 млн. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 05.10.2018
"DIME TRAP" album available at Spotify: http://smarturl.it/DIMETRAP/spotify iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DIMETRAP/itunes Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DIMETRAP/az Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/DIMETRAP/applemusic Google Play: http://smarturl.it/DIMETRAP/googleplay Follow T.I. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/troubleman31/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TI/ (C) 2018 Grand Hustle, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Don Hughes 26.05.2020 18:47
☝️☝️tip in yo gotti!!
یخ شاه 26.05.2020 02:10
Oh, that's Bankroll Fresh's lil nephew. He's growing up.
Renee Lemke 25.05.2020 21:14
And hope you get rich wit it
Diva Cookn 25.05.2020 16:33
Absolutely TrueDat...⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️
O.T.O.T.G music grp 22.05.2020 04:14
Tip got bars that dont disappoint
Анатолий Стриж 21.05.2020 13:07
Прикольно что у них всегда запасной ролс всегда с собой
MercedesLife 19.05.2020 16:25
T.I. laugh is on another level
Kev Django 19.05.2020 14:01
My income went up 10 times during Quarantine. Too much sauce
Treyvon Galindo 16.05.2020 10:19
If u reading this I hope u get a wraith
Dustin Mcninch 14.05.2020 04:55
Real Pranksters
Enrique Monad 13.05.2020 01:02
No weapon against me shall prosper but it's welcome to form!!$# I felt that!!!
Jo the Educator 12.05.2020 19:52
Cosmic Activity 10.05.2020 04:36
CHRISTI HALE 08.05.2020 13:16
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digital subliminal messages 25.04.2020 22:52
S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S In a few // haaa/ I know. I don't be missing button / .My fault. Hey / ....I bet , I'm not gonna even get into hmmm oe it even happened / they ain't gotta eat all / bit we don't work together / //
Unique Parks 25.04.2020 15:42
Tip still going off Gotti spazz'd doe 
Dreshawn S 24.04.2020 08:31

Christina Jones 24.04.2020 02:40
Gotta PROBLEM, Goya WAR about IT!! Fuck what them B’s say F’ what them Haters say... 
Reggie Hammond_INC 20.04.2020 21:40
I would like to petition for a remix... Bump J, BG and Young Dro.
Reggie Hammond_INC 19.04.2020 04:08
For the 17k, fuc a hater till the day I die. #QuitHatingTheSouth