Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

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Опубликовано: 20.06.2019
Dave brings his new friend Yu-Gi-Oh to Poker Night, but Yu-Gi-Oh has more experience with cards than anyone knew! Executive Produced by Tom Jenkins Produced by Ben 'Big Boy' Michael Written by Ben 'Big Boy' Michael Animated by Josh Floyd Backgrounds by Isa Gross Colour and Additional Lip-sync by Claire MacKenzie Lip Sync and Additional Inbetweens by Jacques Theron Additional Cleanup and Inbetweens by Sean Peirson Voice of Mrs P by Tamara Ryan Voice of Chuck and Yu-Gi-Oh by Ethan Gallardo Voice of Dan by Kevin Andrew Rivera Voice of Dave by Alex Walker Smith Edit and Sound Design by Jason Dewey Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith More Mashed: DOOM: DEMON COPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks8Z8zQOPxg Spyro's Bad Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1gnBgfQdgE SAMURAI WITCHER: Geralt vs The Griffin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryKsTMqxgRk Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mashed Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate Hear all of our tracks here - http://youtu.be/PZdy8dhVgv4 Stay in touch with Mashed! Facebook: http://facebook.com/thisismashed Twitter: http://twitter.com/mashed Email: mashed@theconnectedset.com Thanks for watching!
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mashed 20.06.2019 16:31
What card game should Yu-Gi-Oh play next??? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW 
ADee SHuPA 15.04.2020 13:21
@Ace Valiant uP
backfire357 08.03.2020 21:35
Aj Gilbert 03.02.2020 02:08
UNO 100%
Aj2474 11.12.2019 13:47
TheKraydot uno or dos card game
Skullman 10.12.2019 22:20
its the tunatwins and our cousin 28.05.2020 03:50
bandyta 07 27.05.2020 22:12
i need to erase my brain now
miri 27.05.2020 19:50
this is how we should teach kids to play poker like omg i learned some stuff i know nothing of poker till this video
Kamihan 27.05.2020 18:51
I can’t believe Yugi even got a job. Last I checked he didn’t even finish highschool...
Little Demon6084 27.05.2020 03:53
Ok not to lie this is basicly true with yugi and yami every thing he has turns into a game with duel monsters I'm still laughin right now
Little Demon6084 27.05.2020 03:55
And yet this turned into the most intense game of poker in the world
debuffz 27.05.2020 01:39
i laughed my shit out LOL
Anomaly 082 26.05.2020 19:55
Kay mum.
Bullet 26.05.2020 17:35
I wish the actual Poker games on TV were like this.
Vaporeon The Animator 26.05.2020 13:30
And this is why you don´t play poker with people who wear belts.
Chocolate 26.05.2020 03:36
The animation is so smooth and gorgeous!
Seto Kiba 25.05.2020 20:38
Wait yugi playes poker
retarded aussie 25.05.2020 19:06
Know nothing about the show but this was actually funny af I was half expecting at the start when yugi hyped his hand up to just toss down the worst hand imaginable and go “aw shit”
fukka 25.05.2020 11:41
did he just .... made poker intense???
ac bendebel 25.05.2020 01:21
Let's get down to the comments section and see what experts are saying.
fresh prince 24.05.2020 04:43
The evil laugh frm Dave tho lol
JustWalk Away 24.05.2020 03:23
That was really really good subbed.
Erich 23.05.2020 20:31
Dan didn't say hi. :(
Pixel Dude 18 23.05.2020 19:46
There needs to be a part 2
Xara The Dragon 23.05.2020 18:16