Top 5 Poker Moments - Daniel Negreanu | PokerStars

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Опубликовано: 17.06.2014
Canadian poker legend and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu needs no introduction. Check out some of his top moments
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DaleAdam Roodt 27.05.2020 05:26
Negreanu. New fav dude
Ewoch Able 20.05.2020 17:30
Such a noob folding to Danny Douchebags comment about him having aces or Kings. Snapcall.
Christopher Cha 20.05.2020 13:39
Tony G needs to stfu.
Luis Vico 17.05.2020 12:21
Gotta love Daniel. He is so annoying, what kind of hand is 6-2!!??(even if it is suited) re raises pre flop. Pushes the best hand out on the flop and even while having the lowest pair he still dares to keep on betting and wins. Dear God, I want his reading abilities!!
Robert ottewell 16.05.2020 22:00
Robert ottewell 16.05.2020 21:58
I think tony SAW the players hand helping daniel WIN i wish i meet tony he would not behave like ythat if i was playing IDIOT CHEAT
Markus6012 16.05.2020 18:38
Tony G that fat fuck feels entitled to no End.. Fck his arrogant ass
Frank Truslow 16.05.2020 12:58
Negreanu's amazing...incredible.
LightOn Stillwaters 16.05.2020 12:12
Who folds KK on the river to a 4x reraise on a Q high board???? Nit should give up playing. Terrible fold.
LightOn Stillwaters 16.05.2020 12:06
Bluffing with best hand.
Happy Texan 12.05.2020 02:49
Liberal snowflakes
axl the slacker 11.05.2020 13:41
Good players play the cards. Awesome players play the other players.
tasss550 09.05.2020 12:59
first hand is nonsense, definitely badly paid
PLAYCHEXI 08.05.2020 20:30
"Bluffs are good for the game, only if you show them."
Lukas Oskarsson 08.05.2020 19:38
Kinda sad to see a big poker company idolizing risk taking behavior and labeling it as the top moment of poker. These players are professionals, but the video promotes behaviors that get people playing poker for gambling in trouble. Some games are really good, but others are just exaples of playing hands you should fold and barely lucking out through the social game going his way.
Эдик Эдик 07.05.2020 21:09
Негриано очень сильный игрок. 
Kashmir Omar 07.05.2020 12:56
I can beat the most famous players on this earth live only live not on the damn internet I don't trust internet no more trusting this is what most people knows
Kashmir Omar 07.05.2020 12:54
ZYNGAS poker team here also UN allowing me to comment they turned off my comment because they're afraid from the truth the truth that no one can believe it the truth about not only zyngas cheaters team no its also about the internet with not only zyngas team no it's also about everything and belong into the social media .
m c 05.05.2020 23:37
I don't believe... these are pro players?
jim page 05.05.2020 16:09
Daniel is a good player, but his commercial for paying attention is bogus. I’ve seen him look at his phone and shove food down his gullet