Future - Mask Off

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Опубликовано: 05.05.2017
Official video for “Mask Off” by Future​ Listen to Future: https://Future.lnk.to/listenYD​ Subscribe to the official Future YouTube Channel: https://Future.lnk.to/subscribeYD​ Watch Future’s music videos: https://Future.lnk.to/MusicVideosYD​ Follow Future:​ Facebook: https://Future.lnk.to/followFI​ Twitter: https://Future.lnk.to/followTI​ Instagram: https://Future.lnk.to/followII​ Website: https://Future.lnk.to/followWI​ Spotify: https://Future.lnk.to/followSI​ Lyrics:​ Percocets (Ya), molly, Percocets (Percocets) Percocets (Ya), molly, Percocets (Percocets) Rep the set (Yee), gotta rep the set (Gang, gang) Chase a check (Chase it), never chase a bitch (Don't chase no bitches) Mask on (Off), fuck it, mask off (Mask) Mask on (Off), fuck it, mask off (Mask) Percocets ('Cets), molly, Percocets (Percocets) Chase a check (Chase it), never chase a bitch (Don't chase no bitches) #Future #MaskOff #Future
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Corey_ 450 29.05.2020 07:28
The song I wanna play after I wear mask all day at work because of the corona virus!!!
Arbi Moungari 29.05.2020 07:17
2pac mask off I lovit
ahmed warya 29.05.2020 07:15
sentony14 engelhardt 29.05.2020 07:03
When ur rampaging in gta 5 and this comes on
GGGlider 29.05.2020 06:51
02:49 if this genius fired a rocket launcher from inside a coupe, it will f up his whole life.
GGGlider 29.05.2020 06:48
He filmed this thurs may 28 2020 in Minnesota. That’s why he’s called Future.
jilla sundar 29.05.2020 06:27
எதிர்காலம் - முகமூடியை கலட்டு...
『JW』 EMRE 〆 29.05.2020 05:07
Koby Thrasher 29.05.2020 05:03
Took our masks off after the virus & now riots Video tells the future
Bruce Win 29.05.2020 04:30
Future made this for Minneapolis protest.
dyl 29.05.2020 03:59
Finish The Sentence: She Belongs...
j0yfxl 29.05.2020 03:50
This is literally happening in Minneapolis right now
XLSwiftEditz 29.05.2020 02:52
Future: *"MASK OFF"* Coronavirus pandemic public: *"!MASK ON!"*
L'Indien Confus 29.05.2020 02:39
I'm still a virgin 
Shahrom Doneshwar 29.05.2020 02:25
Came here from Rick and Morty 
Sam A 29.05.2020 01:56
That beat though
LIL SHOTTA 29.05.2020 01:41
Rifa your comment sucked
P.P Music 29.05.2020 01:31
John Player 29.05.2020 01:13
RICO 28.05.2020 23:34
In 2020 : put your mask on